The Blou Robe is born

Welcome to bybettyblue.I have been sewing since finding I literally had nothing to wear to my school leavers ball. My Mother had always sewn and taught us that we could do anything if we tried hard enough- how hard could it be? So I bought a dark blue taffeta silk from the market, a pattern and made myself a lined boned princess dress and so my sewing journey began. I went to University in London in the late 80’s when Soho had the very best fabric shops and liberty’s had a rummage room. I became a slightly oddly dressed Optometry Student repairing and adjusting everyone else’s clothes for pocket money and cocktails. I sewed my bridesmaids dresses my babies christening robes and romper suits, then gingham school dresses and fancy dress costumes, nightshirts and suits for interviews. As the children grew my sewing grew with them. I started my small business in 2015 making bunting and bags and pretty, useful, reusable things- bamboo make up wipes, everywhere wipes and bags- make up bags, book bags, tote bags and padded bags for iPads and lap tops. March 2020 changed everything for everyone. I was furloughed into action making masks and scrubs for the NHS, care workers, friends and family.I have always loved being by the sea and during lockdown began swimming every day. It was getting colder as Autumn turned to winter and the beaches were full of wonderful, wild sea swimmers- some in bikinis and boots others in full neoprene, goggles and hats but all with changing robes aready. But said changing robes were big, bulky and super branded. Also, sold out! And so I started sourcing fabrics, designing and sewing. Softshell outer, waterproof, wind proof, soft and drapey in lovely contemporary colours. Bamboo towelling was soft, sustainable and available in subtle shades that cooordinated perfectly. Big hood for bobble hats, wide sleeves for easy changing and lots of pockets for snacks, knickers, keys and phones. Blou is Cornish for blue- the ocean, the water, the sky. The Blou Robe was born. I needed a logo and found the fabulous Emma at Indigo Sky, Gill from St Mawgan Embroidery worked my logo into pocket art and Charlotte from October 21 turned it all into a website- wonderful small local businesses working together. So now I make changing robes, styles, colours and sizes to suit everybodies body. Blou Robes- your style, your size, you colour, your robe. Stay Warm Swim Safe jx

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    • jules says:

      Good morning Carol all my changing robes are available to pre order.
      I have all the plain colours options in stock and have the floral and patterned Softshells on order so 4-6 weeks lead time.
      Many thanks for looking at my website. Stay warm & swim safe jules x

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