Changing Robes for Every Body and Everybody’s Body

2020 changed the world. It changed how we lived and how we interacted with one another, but also our connection with nature and the great outdoors.

With gyms and pools closed people were forced outside. We had to exercise in new ways, on all terrain and in all weathers. No more classes, heated pools, hot tubs or saunas. We bought bikes, paddle boards and performance enhancing clothing. The time had come for many to embrace the wind and rain and expanses of water with currents and tides, jellies, mud, fish and eels.

Swimming became wild and open, but above all inclusive. All ages, all genders, all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter whether you paddle, wade, bob, splash or swim like a fish outdoors water is cold and the longer you spend in it the colder you get.

There are endless posts and threads about what to wear in the water whether you swim in a costume with mittens, boots, a wetsuit, rash vest or just your bobble hat it is widely agreed that we all need layers to warm up afterwards. Two towels sewn together, a hoody, coat or humble dressing gown- they all work, but for those who like the gear a changing robe is essential.

With so many swimmers and surfers, paddlers and outdoors adventurers it is not surprising that the changing robe market has exploded. We are bombarded with images of swimmers all wearing robes emblazoned with branding, those swimmers are all warm and dry its just that they all look the same.

Why not swim against the tide, you can have a changing robe that fits, a colour that suits you, made from beautiful draping softshell and sustainable bamboo towelling. Choose a bespoke robe made for your body and wear your Blou Robe everywhere.

Blou Robe bybettyblue is a changing robe made in Cornwall by the sea but is not just for the beach, wear poolside, pitch side, post surf, post paddle, for camping, glamping and around the campfire.

Your style, your size, your colour your robe.

A robe for every body. Jx

5 thoughts on “Changing Robes for Every Body and Everybody’s Body

  1. Corinne says:

    They look great much are the waterproof ones please ..I’m a size 12 normally and 5’2″

    • jules says:

      Hi Corinne my waterproof Blou Robes are £125 incl p&p. You can choose either smock or coat style. The small measures 78cm across and the medium 84cm- it does depend how roomy you would like but the small and shorter length 105cm should be perfect.
      I have the softshell in stock in navy, petrol, emerald, denim blue, khaki and red and the bamboo in all colours blue, teal, grey, pink, navy and terracotta.
      My current lead time is about 3-4 week.
      Stay warm swim safe jx

  2. Sam Jones says:

    Hi, we have spoken before and ice been so busy summer has passed and I still haven’t ordered one of these beautiful robes.
    Can you add wording to these at all?

    • jules says:

      Good morning Sam
      The fabric colours all depend on what is available at the time- photos in the blog have a rich navy softshell with teal bamboo lining at the top then the bottom pic left to right has a robe in navy, denim, petrol then then elusive teal which is no longer available but i do now have navy and denim and an emerald green, red, pink and lovely floral!
      Stay safe jx

    • jules says:

      Hi Sam at the moment I do not have an embroidery machine so cannot add anything other than my logo best wishes jx

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