It’s beginning to feel a lot like Summer

Early morning swims and after work paddles, the spring has sprung and summer is on its way.

My waterproof windproof Blou Robe has not quite gone into winter storage but it is waiting in the van for campering adventures.

The Bamboozle is out to play come rain or shine- mostly shine, when it rains I run to the van to get wild weather ready!

Bamboo towelling has become my all time favourite fabric, although liberty tana lawn did take some beating. It is as soft as cashmere, breathable, super absorbent, quick drying, anti bacterial, sustainable and available in the loveliest colours. Bamboozles are pretty in pink, baby blue, teal and terracotta with grey and navy for those needing a more subtle approach to outdoor changing.

Bamboozles are made from woven bamboo a highly biodegradable eco friendly fabric having hardly any impact on the environment. Bamboo can be cultivated naturally without the need for pesticides. It is a grass which continues to grow up to a meter a day even when cut.

Bespoke Bamboozles are made in your colour choice, to your size and height, for seaside, poolside and lakeside for changing and lounging.

Be kind to the oceans and wear bamboo. Jx