Swimming into winter is cold, but with wild stormy seas, stinky seaweed and worst of all actual weaver fish it turns out it’s pretty hazardous too. Always wary, but very careful since a slight scare with bigger than I like rolling waves and a nasty dumping shelf on our usually very quiet beach. Who knew that those pesky little fishies were lurking underneath the sands even after all the summer visitors had gone home? Just saying but a weaver fish sting really truly and actually blinking hurts. Christmas Eve early morning dipping and jumping waves ended up with my foot in a bowl of just off boiling water swearing loudly! This led me to a bit of internet shopping. I shout “small business buy local” and knew that the big guys were not for me. The wonderful open water swimming #promowednesday has brought so many of you dippers, swimmers and outdoors adventurers my way and allows small UK based businesses a platform. Shining bright and proud were the fabulous sunshine yellow Brighton Water Shoes. With colours to match summer sunshine and having swam the pebbly beaches whilst dropping daughter no 3 at uni in Brighton- she was huddled on shore wearing all our clothes- this little business ticked the brief. Speedy delivery great customer service from Emily and fabulous quality I now have a pair of rather wonderful swimming shoes that actually make me smile! And what is better than a smile and a still careful sea dip on a wild winter morning. Stay warm, swim safe and always wear a smile! Jules Jan 2023